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How To Play 3 Card Poker

This is a very easy game, with multiple ways to win. In 3-Card Poker you will be playing against the Casino Dealers hand. The game is played using a single deck without the use of Jokers.

In 3-Card poker, you may bet on the Ante, Pair Plus, or Both at the same time. To Place a bet on the Ante, simply select the amount you wish to wager and click on the Ante bet on the table. To place a Pair Plus bet, simply select the amount you wish to wager and select the Pair Plus bet on the table. After you have placed your bets and have the correct amount you wish to wager, select the Deal button on the table. The dealer will then place 3 cards face up in front of you and 3 cards face down in front of the dealer. At this point the betting will be up to you and depending on the strength of your hand you will either bet on your hand or Fold. If you select the fold button you will lose your Ante and any pair plus bet that you have placed. If you select the Bet Button, a bet will be placed, equal to the Ante amount on the hand. If you win the amount of the Payout will be determined by your hand strength as well as the strength of the dealer's hand (Refer to payout chart below. After completing a hand you may select different amounts for your bets or you may keep the same amounts and continue playing.

3 Card Poker - Ante Bet

The Ante Bet is placed prior to receiving your hand. The Dealer must have a qualified hand to play against you; if the dealer's hand dose not qualify you are paid even money for your bet. If the Dealer hand qualifies on of the following will occur.
1. Dealers Hand beats you - Casino wins your Ante and Bet amounts
2. You beat Dealers hand - You receive even money for Ante and Bet amounts
3. You and Dealer tie - Your Ante and Bet amounts are returned to you

3 Card Poker - Bonus Ante

Bonus Ante will occur if your hand is equal to or better then a straight. The payouts are listed below.
Straight 1 to 1 - three cards in numerical order.
3 of a kind 4 to 1 - three cards of the same value.
Straight Flush 5 to 1 - three cards of same suit and in numerical order.

3 Card Poker - Pair Plus Bet

Pair Plus Bet Simply means that the Player wins if their hand consists of a pair or better, and the player loses if their hand is less then a pair. The amount you win is dependent on the strength of your hand; the payout chart is listed below. Pair 1 to 1 - two cards with the same value.
Flush 4 to 1 - three cards of the same suit of any value.
Straight 6 to 1 - three cards in numerical order.
3 of a kind 30 to 1 - three cards of the same value.
Straight Flush 40 to 1 - three cards in numerical order and of the same suit.

3-Card poker can be a very fun game and we encourage all to give it a try. We also encourage all players to first play the Free Casino version until they become comfortable with the rules of this game, in order to maximize their enjoyment and profits when playing for Real Money.



Three Card Poker
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