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How To Play Casino War

Casino War is a card game in which you are playing against the casino dealer.  This is a very simple game, and can be a lot of fun for everybody who plays it.

Casino War uses a single deck of cards that are shuffled before each hand is dealt.  The object is for your card to beat the dealers card.  If the Players card is higher then the dealers card the player is paid even money.  If the dealers card is higher then the Players card the Casino collects the wager from the player.

Simply place the amount you wish to wager in the bet area and select the deal button to start the game.  The dealer will then deal you a card face up and a card face down to himself.  If your card is Higher you win. 

In the case of a Tie, you and the dealer will be given additional cards to declare a winner of the hand.

We suggest to all players to take advantage of the free play option to practice before playing for Real Money.  This will ensure fun for all that play.

















Casino War
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