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How To Play Let It Ride

Let it ride is a card game in which you will be using a single deck of cards with no jokers.  The cards will be shuffled prior to each game.  The object of this game is to make a Poker hand with a pair of Tens or better in it.

The player will select an amount to bet on each of the 3 places on the table, so if the bet amount is $5.00 the player will place 3 $5 chips on the table to begin the game.  Then the dealer will deal 3 cards to the player face up.  The player will then decide if they wish to Let it ride or to Bet Back, based on making a hand of 10’s or Better.  If the player decides that it’s not likely they will make a qualifying hand they should select Bet Back and 1/3 of their chips will be returned to them.  If the Player feels that his hand will become a qualifying hand they should select Let it Ride.

Next the Dealer will deal 1 card face up and again the player must decide what the strength of their hand is to qualify.  The player may choose to Bet Back and 1/3 of the original bet will be returned to the Player.  But if the Player is confident that their hand will qualify then they should choose the Let it Ride.

Finally the Dealer will deal the final card face up and the Hand will be revealed.  If the Hand qualifies the Player will be paid according to the strength of their hand.  If the hand did not qualify the remainder of the wager still on the table will go to the casino.

Payout odds may vary from casino to casino and we recommend that everyone should take a moment and view the payout chart for the casino that you are playing in.  As well we suggest that you take advantage of the Free Play casinos in order to become comfortable with the rules for this game, before playing for Real Money.











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