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How To Play Keno

Keno is a game much like most lottery games.  After opening the game you will see a large card of numbers from 1 to 80, this is your game board. 

You will see a button on the screen for the amount you wish to wager per game.  Make sure that the amount shown is an amount that you are comfortable with. 

Next you will find a button for the number of games you wish to play, remember that your total cost will be the game amount times the number of games played. 

Example: $5.00/game for 5 games will equal a $25.00 ticket.

Next you may select your Playing numbers on the game card, by simply clicking on them with your mouse.  If you make a mistake you may select the Clear card to start over, or you may click the number you wish to remove and it should clear it.

Remember they will be drawling 20 numbers out of the Hopper; your goal is to match as many numbers on your card to the numbers drawn in order to win.  Your payout depends on the number of matching numbers on your card and the numbers drawn board.  Also the number of marked numbers on your card will determine the amount you win.  You should check the Payout screen before playing to determine the game you wish to play.

We recommend that you take advantage of the Free Play Keno games, until you are comfortable with betting, collecting, and choosing your numbers.  This will enable you to maximize your fun and profits, when playing for Real money.












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